Aaron Weingrod and Michael Abrahamson are committed to the integration and fusion of architecture and landscape architecture. The Jerusalem Landscape architecture and architecture office, active since 1999, is located in Jerusalem’s historic German Colony. Projects are a mixture of landscape, architecture, and areas in between. Our philosophy is to make the world of nature an integral part of the home.
Whether we plan an elaborate residence on 5 acres, a new neighborhood, or a second-floor city apartment, the interior design emphasizes a continuum from the sofa to the world outside by way of a well-placed garden, a fountain or pergola. "Green Architecture" has always been part of our vocabulary. South-facing orientation and passive solar energy are used in designing all new projects.
Every project is viewed as a total entity within its environment. Projects begin with a site visit and a client “wish list”. This personal list often becomes our guideline throughout the project. We are committed to listening to our clients and delivering unique and special environments. What matters most to us, above all, is that our clients are left with homes and gardens that they absolutely love.

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Aaron Weingrod

Born in 1956, Aaron has been living design for over 40 years. He has a BA from Bezalel 1983 and an MA in Architecture from the Univ. of Washington 1992. When not designing or checking site dimensions, he is traveling or diving with his wife and 3 son’s families somewhere in the world.

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Michael Abrahamson

Born in 1964, Haifa, studied electronics and switched to architecture. He has a BA from Bezalel 1994. Michael loves solving design puzzles and enjoys the smell of freshly poured concrete. Lives in Tivon with his artist/illustrator wife and 3 daughters.